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Crisis & Opportunity

There seems to be great confusion as to what is the actual cause of — and ultimate solution to — the economic crisis which continues to grip the world. Some view the cause as not enough liquidity (and thus, call for increased levels of government spending). Others, however, view the cause as too much debt (and thus, call for decreasing government spending and taxes).

Meanwhile, corporations continue to spend billions of dollars to "improve competitiveness", and families incur ever-increasing levels of debt to send children to college in the hope that they can climb the ladder faster and better than their neighbor. And increasingly, society feels threatened by immigrant races, the wealthy, and diverse beliefs.

But these views are only delusion. The crisis only grows more widespread and destructive. The true reality of the crisis is much more entangled and profound than we have yet understood.

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Out of the Box Insight

Michael Byrnes & Tamara van Halm

Michael has served three U.S. Administrations in an advisory capacity in designing and implementing post-Cold War economic conversion strategies. He has counseled Fortune 100 companies as well as small businesses in matters of mergers and acquisitions strategy, crisis management, and ethics.

For decades, Michael has traveled the world to observe and learn from the diverse challenges facing humanity and its economic endeavors. Wealth Beyonds Nations is the culmination of that focus.

MICHAEL BYRNES ~ economist & philosopher

Tamara is a former political affairs analyst with the Defense Ministry, Netherlands, serving in the conflict-zone of Bosnia-Herzegovina (where she and Michael met).

For the past few years, Tamara has been focused on awakening humanity to the challenges — and limitless opportunities — we now collectively face.

TAMARA VAN HALM ~ futurist
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Wealth Beyond Nations

    Economic & Moral Principles of Global Interdependence

Freedom & Responsibility

The desire of freedom must equally desire responsibility.
The time has come for us all, once again,
to become pioneers.

Insight Into Action

Evolving into a Fourth Economy


To act wisely, it is first important to gain a deeper understanding of why our present economic systems no longer demand mass human labor. From this wisdom, whatever new economy the world eventually creates, will be more fulfilling, sustainable, and even honorable.


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For too long, society has isolated itself from the responsibilities of a society. It is time for communities to roll-up their sleeves, come together, discuss, learn, synthesize, and mobilize. Instead of relinquishing responsibility to special-interests dependent governments, engage in a more "hands-on" and direct form of democracy.

Responsibility is not the only reason for communities to come together... the fourth economy comes to vibrant fruition explicitly in the untapped "soil of the community" itself.


Conventional meeting procedures (where "experts" sit on a stage and preach to a group) are ineffective and often destructive. Instead, we encourage communities to utilize more engaging and empowering dialogue methods.


Much of the fourth economy will be based on the exchange of intangible goods and services. Obviously, the internet is a technological backbone naturally capable of facilitating intangible wealth exchanges. But other, already existing technologies will need to be modified and made usable by the masses. This can be done quite rapidly and efficiently.

Diverse teams of people and technologies will need to come together and wisely collaborate in the design and roll-out of a fourth economy infrastructure.


Finally, direct democracy communities and intangible infrastructure teams can synthesize their efforts — fine-tune objectives and procedures, and begin exchanging ever-evolving sources of intangible and tangible wealth.

This is the wealth that resides beyond nations. True & indestructable wealth resides within us all. All we have to do is awake to this potentiality and its responsibility.


In quantum mechanics, there is a physical phenomenon called entanglement, where sub-atomic particles cannot be observed or described as being independent, but rather are operating in an entangled state. Michael has pioneered the process of merging quantum mechanical models into economic models. The results are both revolutionary and breathtaking. These quantum economic models serve as the mathematical foundations of the limitless potential that exists in the fourth economy.

But quantum entanglement teaches us much more: the entire human race is entangled. All the articifical barriers and boundries we have created over the generations cannot destroy this naturally-occurring quantum entanglement. The sooner we awake to the true reality of global interdependence, the sooner we will transcend this and all crises.

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